# Introduction and background

I am a well-rounded Software Engineer, and I understand what it takes to release a product having worked on the back-end, front-end, testing and finally the deployment aspect of several products.

A role involving web technologies hosted on a cloud-based backend. I’ve worked on all the tiers of a software product, so I can appreciate the different concerns expressed at each level. What interests me: Go/Golang backends, building frontends in JavaScript, complete end-to-end testing of the final project, CI builds on the cloud, deployment on the cloud using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), containerising software using Docker, and orchestrating the built containers using Kubernetes.

# Key skills and preferred job role

I'm flexible in terms of the choice of framework used, however, my ideal role will involve the following:

  • Go/Golang as I have good experience with this. I have been using Golang since 2017.
  • A role where Linux, Google Cloud Platform/AWS/Azure, Docker/Podman and Kubernetes are being used. Open Banking would be a plus.

I'm up for learning more of Rust but it's just a hobby at the moment.

Summary: Senior Software Engineer: Golang, Linux, Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Computing (GCP), Fedora Linux.

# Salary and notice period

I'm available to start immediately. I'm willing to negotiate on this as it depends on a few things, that said:

  • If it's a contracting role, minimum of £500 per day outside of IR35 and £600 per day inside of IR35.
  • If it's a permanent position, minimum of £90,000 per year.

The figures I mentioned above are not set in stone and I am willing to listen to counter offers.

# Work locations considered

A fully remote role with a UK or US company.

# Any visa restrictions – if applicable (ILR, Tier 2, Dependant visa etc)

  • Passport/Nationality: I am a British citizen with a British passport, National Insurance number etc.
  • Drivers Licence: Full UK Driving Licence.
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